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Withings WiFi Scale

Reaching that perfect weight is never easy and even with the right diet and a lot of exercise, most people still don’t manage to reach their goals. Maybe the most important thing is perseverance and there is a new gadget that can help you stay motivated by offering a detailed analysis of your progress so far so that you can make the needed changes or just show off with how much weight you lost over the last three weeks.

The Withings WiFi Scale is certainly something special that should be considered by every person that is either trying to lose or gain weight. At first sight, it looks very cool with a nice design made of glass and aluminum and a pretty large screen so that you can easily see the numbers. It can display the weight in pounds, grams or stone and it is accurate to just 100 grams so you can’t blame the scale anymore with this cool gadget. But this is just where the cool features start because the Withings WiFi scale can also measure your body fat thanks to the biometric impedance analysis it does every time you step on it. The really amazing feature is that it can take all this information and send it via WiFi directly to the internet.

Withings WiFi Scale

This allows users to keep track of their progress by accessing their own personal page. There is even an app for iPhone so that you can analyze your weight graph when on the move.

If there are more people in the house that want to use it, there is no need to worry, because this smart scale can store information about 8 people and can instantly recognize each one as soon as they step on it. The information can also be introduced in an online fitness program directly from the scale if you have an account there and like getting advice from other people or just talking about various weight loss programs.

With this amazing scale, you can monitor your weight better and know how far you are from your goal and what changes you need to make in order to get there.

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