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USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

This is probably the coolest gift you could get your male friend, especially if they like beer and high tech. But who doesn’t like that anyway? This cool USB flash drive with a bottle opener will come in handy in various situations, so it can be a really cool and fun gift to offer one of your friends. Make sure that you also pack it with a case of beer to help them test it for a while.

This small beautiful USB tool will be extremely valuable whenever you need to store your ideas, which may happen after a few beers. You can bring it to work and then you can open some bottles with your friends to celebrated finishing a project. It comes in all sizes and most of them have 2 GB storage. However, you will probably find some other variations with more storage capacity. It supports all operating systems and it has a really small size and a 40 grams weight that will allow you to carry it to your keychain or in your pocket. Your friend who will receive this cool gift will definitely appreciate your sense of humor and your care about his after hour fun. You can also get him some other gadgets that might pair up with this cool thing like cool ice makers or even lighters that will have fun functions like recording people.

There are many things we need to carry around with us so that we can make our life easier: pens, multi-tools, paper, some of us even carry glue because you never know what might happen. This is why it is extremely important to have a bottle opener around, just to be prepared for any situations that might involve drinking some beer with your friends and having fun. The bottle opener gadget is not just a gift, is a really important tool that will improve the quality of your life.

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