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Travel Friendly Printers

The Little Printer

The little printer is the perfect gadget to go with your smartphone. For about 250 dollars you can get your own miniature newspaper. How it works? Use your smartphone to subscribe to your favorite publications and you’ll have your own personalized mini newspaper with your favorite news and gossip, pictures and puzzles ready to read with your morning coffee or for your daily commute. Friends can message you directly through your little printer if you share your contact details with them; you can even use it to send a good night kiss to your loved ones when you aren’t with them and you want to do something sweet.

You can personalize your little printer by choosing a face for it from a 4 character list. It easily connects to the web and has a lot of sources available that you can search through. All you need to do to get your information is to subscribe to the publication you want. It easily prints with the push of the button and it can work multiple times of day delivering your news.

Some of its many features are: it has a cool thermal mechanism with a wireless connection to the web and it delivers you high quality paper.

Canon BJC-50 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Although not as cute as the Little Printer, this printer is a great product with compact portable design powered by Lithium-ion batteries. It has parallel and infrared IrDA interfaces and drop modulation technology that will enhance your print quality. It also has a ready for color image-scanner option that will surely make your travels more comfortable. You can take it with you on the road and it has a plug and play setting that works well with any type of laptop. The fact that it manages to print fast and with high quality keeps you from worrying that you might not get your documents printed in time when you are in a hurry. It only has 2.1 pounds which makes it a great gadget to carry around even when you go out and might need to print something right away.

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