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Tips for a More Efficient Use of Your iPad

iPad is a device that does not need a user manual. Apple has built the tablet in such a logical way that even a baby can use it, one way or the other, without any prior instructions. However, there are some easy tricks not everybody is aware of.

1. Add apps on the bar

The bar of the bottom of the screen has, by default, four applications, but it is possible to add two more. A press long on an application will make a cross appears in the corner of each item.

2. Comfortable Internet browsing

Not all websites have been designed to be read on tablets. Either they have a complex architecture or too many ads, the text is too small … There is a very simple trick that makes the main text of a page and its formats compatible for iPad reading: just click on the “player” button in the Internet address field.

3. Split the keyboard into two. 

When holding the iPad with both hands, it is not always easy to type. Press on the keyboard button, at the bottom of the screen and choose the “separate” option.

4. Create thematic files 

Too many applications? Press on each application for a few seconds. Then, take one of them and move it over another. The iPad will create a folder and name it. You can change the name at any time.

5. Put an end to Wi-Fi requests

If you don’t want to be asked to join Wi-Fi at each street corner, just go to Settings, then to the General tab and Wi-Fi at the bottom of the page. The option “Confirm access” is enabled by default. You must disable it. You can always connect to Wi-Fi networks manually. The annoying pop-up window will no longer appear on your screen.

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