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Spy Net Laser Trip

There are some of us who are a bit more paranoid about their surroundings. On the other hand there are others who think lightly of things that might be serious for others and will probably think about this gift as a joke for the first type of person we mentioned. So, if you are the second type of person you will find the SpyNet Laser Trip the best thing that has ever been invented for that paranoid friend or coworker of yours. This is because they can create a secure environment around their office or cubical. If you are the first type of person, someone who is a bit too much on the paranoid side and you always know that people are stealing your pencils this is definitely the right way to spot those criminals.


It also applies if you find your bag of chips lighter after you come back from your coffee break.  With this little baby you can make sure that those who commit such crimes will be held responsible, and it’s also a cool gadget to have around and make fun of your coworkers while they have no idea they are filmed. We haven’t even mentioned the coolest thing which is setting an alarm for whatever intruders might come in.

This cool gadget is the best gift for a geek because it actually uses real laser trip wire that will start the alarm once it detects intrusions. This can be tons of fun at the office as long as the person it detects isn’t your boss. For bosses though you can set it up right next to your office and you will know when someone is going to come in so that you can stop whatever you are playing. This cute little thing is a device made from four pieces: one laser emitter that is put on a base, a receiver unit that comes with the alarm and two mirrors that you can turn. You can get more mirrors added if you want more fun and you can create an interesting contraption that will keep people at a great distance.

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