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Sony VAIO – More Than A Laptop

Sony is known for being a leading manufacturer in everything from computers to mp3 players and while the quality of their products is high, the prices usually make them available for just a part of consumers. VAIO is a part of Sony used for computer design and manufacturing. It is an acronym that stands for Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer, a name which changed the old meaning in 2008. While a Sony VAIO laptop can be quite expensive, there is one series which is more affordable without cutting the performance or the quality.


The Sony VAIO, M series, is quite affordable and for a laptop which is both stylish to look at and can perform like other, more expensive laptops, it is truly a bargain at around $400. It has a 10 inch LED screen, a HDD of 250 GB, an Intel Atom N450 processor and pretty much everything you can expect from a Sony laptop.

Don’t think that the great looking design is useless because you can show it off because it is a laptop for a reason. The batteries are very good and at only 1.3 kg, you can take it anywhere. It is perfect for anyone that works on their laptop and also has to travel or for students that are in touch with the new times and prefer typing rather than writing.

If you ever wanted a Sony VAIO for how it looks or how it functions, but you just couldn’t afford one, now you can get an M series, the cheapest VAIO available on the market. They are known for being very resistant in time so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down any time soon and as far as the performance is concerned, this too will not be out of date for the next couple of years. Buying a Sony VAIO is now an investment and a very much worth one at that.

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