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S-Walker Board

If you want every walk you take to be a piece of cake then this S Walker Board is exactly what you need. This a gadget that will make things a lot easier whenever you are walking somewhere; for those who want a little thrill and would like to get somewhere faster without taking a car or a bike, this is a great opportunity. The S-Walker is the new skateboard and it has been created for those who want a new look to their skateboard and would like to revolutionize their rolling around town. This is the best thing that has ever been created since skateboard and you might even have fun trying it.

S-Walker Board

The S-Walker Board is something unique but not necessarily something we haven’t seen before. The Segway used to be a big thing but people got bored with it, however, this takes some of its elements and combines it with elements that would make using it even easier. The skateboard and the Segway combined is what the S-Walker Board is about. However, if you plan on using it for tricks and making different moves with it, that might not work that well because it is solely made for using it to travel from one point to another. Whether you buy this for you or for somebody else, it will get pretty addictive and you won’t need to walk anymore which might take a toll on your health, so consider that before buying it.

The S-Walker comes with a 250W motor and a rechargeable battery so make sure that you plug it in enough before every “walk”. You don’t want to be left to actually walk when your battery runs out. The best thing about it is the fact that it can be pretty small so that means that you can carry it in your backpack.  You don’t have to be very heavy either and you might even have to lose a couple of pounds if you are a guy since is only carries about 176 pounds. The S-Walker moves at a 6.2 mph speed which isn’t much and you could probably beat that if you would walk faster, but it’s a cool gadget to have and that beats everything else.

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