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Nintendo 3DS – A New Way Of 3D

Game lovers have had a hell of a year; from all the great innovations in consoles to the hundreds of new games launched so far, it looks like every aspect of gaming keeps getting better and better. Without mentioning the consoles, we have to talk about the Nintendo 3DS, an innovative portable controller that brings you the 3D experience without the glasses. We are all familiar with 3D and it seems like everything way of digital entertainment is 3D nowadays; when you go to the cinema, the movie is in the 3D, there are home television sets and monitors that bring you 3D as well as movies and games to go with them but what all these things had in common until now, was the 3D glasses you had to wear in order to see the effects.

With the Nintendo 3DS, you can say goodbye to those glasses and witness this innovative feature made possible with the help of a stereoscopic 3D screen. This allows you to see the normal picture in depth and there is a button for switching from one mode to another, depending on how you prefer it.

There is a second screen which is touch and it can act as a great controller when you play games or you can play with the analogue buttons on the side. Playing games on touch-screens is not always as fun as you imagine it to be because you can’t feel the button before you press it and you can slide off. This is why the Nintendo 3DS has those buttons on the side and they are very welcomed by the competitive gamers.

Other features of the Nintendo 3DS include three cameras, one facing forward that allows you to take pictures of yourself and insert them in some games while the other two are positioned on the back. There is also a gyroscopic sensor that allows the user to control certain parts of the games just by moving the controller in the air.

Of course, it is not only for playing games and you can also use it to browse the internet, download and watch movies or listen to music. It also looks very good and high tech and at the price of just $250, it is a great way to spend some free time and enjoy the new 3D display offered by Nintendo without having to wear the glasses.

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