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Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is probably not your average smoke detector. Actually some would call it a pretty smart gadget considering what it can do for your living conditions and how much improvement it can bring in your life, especially if you live in an environment with great hazard risk. This cool gadget comes with something that is called a Learning Thermostat which does exactly what its name says, it learns things about the environment it lives in. This thermostat actually sets its own temperatures according to different variables and makes adjustments as the environment changes.


Besides all those features this Nest Protector does exactly what it should be, which is obviously protecting your house from smoke and various carbon monoxide levels and setting off an alarm whenever some is present. However, you can set the alarm to various degrees and it actually has a softer ringing at the beginning before awakening any neighbors and announcing that you set the kitchen on fire. This could be a good or a bad thing but the alarm can be easily adjusted. The great thing is that you can make sure that you take care of everything before the whole building starts ringing.

Another cool feature that comes with this cool gadget is the fact that, unlike other gadgets, it is able to detect smoke and not steam. Usually other smoke detectors will start ringing when there is steam present, which can be a real hassle for some people. Also, it recognizes whenever you are doing a lot of frying up rather than an actual fire and acts accordingly. However, if it does detect something that shouldn’t at all be detected you won’t need to hit it to stop or do something crazy. The alarm comes with a movement sensor so all you have to do is to stand close to it and wave and it will shut itself down without producing even more noise for nothing.

This is a great gadget that will definitely ease your life since it makes it noise and stress free and you can get it for approximately $140.

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