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Ideas For Coolest Wedding Gifts

When you are invited to a wedding there are always those generic gifts that you can take the couple. Everybody buys silverware or home appliances, but you can go for better gifts that will actually help the couple remember you. Here is a list for cool wedding gifts that will actually help the couple somehow and not just end up in their garage somewhere.

Naming a Star after them – what better gift than having a star named with their names forever? This way you can symbolize the fact that their love is as durable as the stars in the sky and it’s definitely one gift nobody at the wedding ever thought about. There are various places on the internet where you can buy a star and name it.

A holiday for two – if you have a little more money to spend you can pay for a holiday for two in a nice place. Actually, you can do this will less money if you just buy them a weekend at a hotel on a date they have to choose later. This way they will always have the opportunity to escape in another city by going to a hotel whenever they want and not pay for it. This might not seem much but once they get there they will really appreciate this cool gift.

Subscriptions – Get the, subscriptions for things they will actually need like Netflix or cooking magazines or even financial magazines. They might not do it themselves but they will definitely prove useful once they start receiving the magazines. Also, the Netflix subscription will give them a movie night whenever they want to have one at no cost.

Cool gift for newly married book lovers – if they love books what better gifts to get them than a whole shelf with the classics. They can put the books in their new home and probably re-read them. Another cool idea would be to get them a really old book that they can display in their home. If they prefer a certain author you can give them the best gift by having the author write them a dedication for their wedding on one of his books.

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