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Google Goggles – the New Hip or What?

According to rumors circulating over the media for a few months, taking your smartphone out of the pocket in order to plan a route, to check the weather or read your email will be a historical gesture. How can this happen? By the end of the year, Google is expected to launch on the market a pair of ultramodern glasses that will display all this information close to the user’s retina.

Science fiction or … just another futuristic accessory bearing the name of the Internet Giant and revolutionizing the world again? According to rumors, the Google Goggles will have a 3G or 4G Internet connection, a processor of the order of gigahertz, a built-in GPS chip, a camera and a bunch of motion sensors. Does this sound familiar? Yes, but not when talking about glasses. These components are typically found in a smartphone. Obviously, they will work on the latest version of the Android operating system.

Google Goggles

This cutting-edge technology will be able to analyze locations and the surrounding objects and to disseminate contextual information on a small screen located on one side of the glasses. The navigation menu will be monitored by a head tilt. The movement will very quick become a second nature and it will be almost imperceptible to those around. In point of design, it seems that Google Goggles will resemble the Oakley Thumb – a pair of sunglasses that are already equipped with headphones and an MP3 player. However, the accessory will not be made for all day long use.

With estimated prices between 250 and 600 dollars, Google Goggles seem to have all the potential to become the next hip in the gadgets’ field. If they will overcome iPhone’s marketing success, we cannot know for the moment. What is sure is that Google has still not shown us all its weapons.

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