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Gifts For The Smart Woman In Your Life

Every person knows a witty woman who is quite difficult to understand and please. When it comes to gifts, this is probably the most difficult task a person has, to buy a smart woman something that could satisfy her intellectually. Women are already quite complex and ambivalent in nature so getting the perfect gift for your smart girlfriend can prove to be quite a challenge.

E-book reader – if she doesn’t have one already she will definitely love to have a slim and cool looking gadget where she can keep all her books. She will also appreciate your support for her gaining more knowledge and e-book readers are always appreciated because they are more comfortable than carrying books. However, before buying her this make sure that she is not a traditionalist against eBook readers and she would prefer to read books instead. If this happens, perhaps a collection with some of the classic authors would be much appreciated.

Subscription to a scientific magazine – every smart woman has a topic or an interest she loves reading about. If she likes Psychology, buy her a 6 months or a whole year subscription to one of the best scientific magazines relating that subject. If she is into gadgets, why not buy her a whole year subscription to one of the best gadget magazines? She will definitely love your thoughtful gift and she will also benefit greatly from it since she already has a hobby for that topic. If you don’t know her that well and are reluctant to guess her interests, perhaps a more generic magazine like National Geographic is best, this way she can keep up with all the discoveries and learn more about fascinating subjects like anthropology and history.

A wonderful piece of art – you can either buy her a version of one of the works done by her favorite artists or you can choose to spend a great deal of money for an original piece created by a contemporary artist. This will definitely satisfy both her need for culture and aesthetics and she will definitely remember you every time she will catch a glimpse of the work you bought.

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