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Gifts For Intellectuals

If you find yourself in the difficult situation to buy a suitable gift for a person with intellectual taste, read the following list of ideas. You will surely impress them with your care for details and good taste, even if it is not necessarily something they really wanted.


A fountain pen – Everybody writes or at least everybody needs a pen from time to time. Buying a beautiful and expensive fountain pen could be a wonderful idea to offer somebody you don’t know. The price varies and it can go from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars for the most elite fountain pens. You don’t need to buy something extremely expensive, but it’s best to keep your price range to something medium to make a good impression. Wrapping is also important, a pen that is offered in a beautiful case will have a different impact than a pen which is just offered by itself in a bag or some wrapping paper. These small things are extremely important when it comes to people you don’t know.


A book – A classic will definitely do. Intellectual people love books, especially if that book is a special edition. On the other hand they will be impressed because people rarely offer or read books these days. A lovely manner in which you can offer a book is a nice beautiful leather case or something similar. It will show good taste and thoughtfulness. Make sure that you also write a nice dedication on it, you don’t need to write clichés, sometimes a smart quote is more than enough.


A work of art – This doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, you can always buy something created by an underground artist that you think has potential. If the person is an art connoisseur, they will absolutely love that, even if it’s not an expensive masterpiece. You can also offer it in a beautiful manner, if you add a nice frame to it, you will surely impress them.

These are just a few gifts that are suitable for people who you consider to be intellectual. In most cases, you cannot go wrong with these gifts, especially if you are buying them for somebody you don’t know that well.

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