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Gifts For Artists

Everybody has that artist friend and it can be really hard to find something suitable for them, especially if you are not an artist yourself and don’t understand their needs.

If your friend has a passion for photography and they haven’t got a really professional camera yet, maybe is time to buy it for them. If you lack the necessary financials, you can pair up with a few friends. If they already have a camera but lack the accessories, you should buy them what you think they may need. You might have to talk to them a little and avoid making them suspicious about your inquiries to keep it a surprise. Most artists really need a bag to carry their camera and accessories, so you can buy that for them even if they already have one. Buy one with their favorite cartoon character or something funny. Another idea would be to get them a cleaning set for their camera with special wipes and solution. This is something they will surely use.

For the friend who loves painting and drawing a chevalier is probably a really classy gift if they don’t own one already. You can always buy them acrylic paints and other mediums they can experiment with. Artists never have too many colors. A case where they should keep all their tools is a great idea, we all know that artists are a bit disorganized. Get them colors that can be used on fabrics and ask them to make creative T-shirts for everybody in the group to promote their art.

A friend who sculpts would definitely want better tools for sculpting. The material they use doesn’t come cheap either so if you can get them a lot of that they will definitely be happy.

Books about their subject of interest are great. Make sure that they are written by experts in the field and inquire about something they might want but haven’t got already. If you have the necessary means and acquaintances, you can speak to an art gallery to review their work or exhibit their art sometime. That would probably be the greatest gift for your artist friend.

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