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Gift Ideas For The Summer

Everybody likes going to the beach and have fun on the hot sand but when you have the right items, things get even better. You can use the following ideas to buy your friends gifts or simply buy the gifts for yourself and prepare for a day at the beach.

When it comes to packing for the beach, most people are limited by the amount of space in their cars so they can’t take everything they would want. To solve this problem and make sure that you have everything you need for a day out during the summer, we recommend a picnic table suitcase. It may sound a bit weird but the idea is quite innovative and also very effective. It is basically a suitcase that can be easily transformed into a table with four chairs. It is easy to assemble and it doesn’t require a lot of space during travel.


Something smaller but as useful is face shade. Some would argue that this is the best item to have on the beach. It is a cushion that has a roof which makes it ideal for a day at the beach where you just want to soak up some sun.

Also to make sure that you have the option of getting out of the sun when you want to, a beach tricover can be assembled within minutes and it offers the much needed shade. It is pretty tall so you can easily stand under it and also big enough so that you can arrange a table. When you are ready to go, it will easily fold down and fit into a regular tent bag. This is a great gift idea for this summer and your friends will surely enjoy it.

A cool gadget for the summer when you don’t feel like mow your lawn is an automower that will do the work for you. You just have to lay down a guiding wire and you can just let him to the mowing while you enjoy the sunny day. It doesn’t need fuel and you can actually program it to regularly cut the grass.

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