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Gift Ideas For College Students

Being away from home can sometimes mean a lot of fun but there are some things that will make the experience more pleasant. Gifts for college students have to be very practical so that they can use them almost every day, they also have to be reasonably small due to the limited space for personal objects in dorm rooms and they also have to be fun.

A great gift for college students would be some small speakers for a phone or mp3 player. Some have a built-in alarm clock so it will surely find its place on the table near the bed. For those that don’t want to bother their roommates, some nice headphones will guarantee the quality of the music and the fact that only one person can hear it.

A coffee maker is surprisingly rare amongst college students but very much needed when classes start early so it would make for a nice gift no matter the occasion. It shouldn’t be too complicated or with many parts that need to be washed regularly; keep it simple and efficient and it will surely be appreciated.

Now that we have the coffee, the nights will be a lot longer so why not consider getting some books as gifts? This might not be the most popular gift amongst most college students but a good book can be appreciated by everyone. If books won’t work, try classic movies on DVD; some that belong in every collection and that will make for a nice movie night with friends and with some popcorn.

Other gadgets such cameras and portable controllers are always welcome but you can also consider buying a new laptop which will make studying and playing much more pleasant.

Most gifts for college students are meant to make their new life more comfortable and fun and these are just some of the many pleasant ideas that can be used to mark the beginning of a new college year, holidays and pretty much every occasion. It can be very easy to find the perfect gift and most of the times, they will tell you exactly what they want.

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