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Gift For Writers

If you are one of the lucky people who have a writer friend, then you can easily surprise them with the following cool ideas that will surely enhance your gift giving technique. Writers can be sometimes really big snobs so you need to make sure that your gift is really unique.

Writing instruments – we all know that the times when writers wrote on writing machines are gone, but you can still give them a beautiful gift in the form of a writing machine. Perhaps it can sometimes help them during a writer’s block, so it can prove to be useful in the end, even if it’s more a vintage item. Even if they will never use it, a writer should always have a writing machine, at least as a decorating piece.

writing machine

A Notebook – Why not give them something extremely fancy where they can write their ideas and make sure that they don’t lose the most precious things that would make their novel the next best thing. However, don’t buy them any type of notebook, make sure that is a leather one, something really fancy. You can also give them a beautiful pen with the notebook; there are some companies that will write on pens the name of their owner, so why not personalize it?

Books – Writers don’t just write books, they can also read books like the rest of the people, so why not make sure that they learn something in the process? There are several how to books on the market that will definitely improve their writing style. Make sure that your friend agrees with this idea before you buy it; some writers might take this personally. If they are a close friend, you can write them a dedication on the first page to show them how much you appreciate their talent.

Creative writing classes – Every writer should take a creative writing class if they want to improve their style. If your friend hasn’t take one yet you can definitely offer them a few classes, at least to know how good it would do for them.

In the end, every gift should have something personal, so as long as you make sure that you add something unique to it, you will surely impress.

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