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Ford F-150 Truck With Improvements

A truck is no fun if you can’t take it off-road and the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is lots of fun. It seems that it simply doesn’t look good unless is covered in mud and placed on the highest hill. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the truck is ugly, far from it, but just that the aggressive design makes you want to go to the closest swat of open desert and see what it can do.

This cool looking truck is bale to take on every challenge your throw at it and even more, it welcomes it, it likes to get dirty and go where few cars have gone before. Once you take it out of the swap and hose it down, you are left with a comfortable car which can be used everyday on public streets. The big FORD grill is hard to miss and the load bed will surely come in handy. The tall and wide build make sure that it won’t get stuck easy when you do decide to take it off the pavement and the interior will guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride on your way back home.


Apparently, there are people that think the F-150 Raptor needs some improvements and so, Hennessey is ready to meet that demand. Put in just a few words, they will get 810 horsepower out of the engine and transform the beast into something unstoppable. There are also smaller packages if that seems a bit too much and the average sized package will cost around $30,000 to install so there are quite a few changes done to the already incredibly cool Ford truck.

In conclusion, the Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the coolest trucks now on sale and there aren’t many others that are so aggressive and ready to take on Mother Nature. Knowing that there are ways to improve it is always good although you might not need it any time soon.

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