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FIFA 2013 – A New Successful Product by EA Sports

The result of a monumental work and a new step forward in a long series of high rated games, FIFA 2013 has been released on the market on September 25th. Will this game continue the seemingly unstoppable mounting curve of EA Sports products? It most certainly looks like it. Ever since FIFA 2008 the American game developer has struggled to incorporate the customers’ wishes within their projects, thus refining their games and bringing them closer to the players’ needs and dreams.

 FIFA 2013

EA Sports had announced earlier this year that they had bee investing a lot of work on the game’s artificial intelligence. However, this is the kind of line many game developpers use when promoting their products. This is not to say that the public could not believe FIFA 2013 would be an intelligent game, but it simply does not give clues about what there is to expect. Yet, FIFA 2013 players run, shift and anticipate like never before. They understand the game, they read the strategy and reposition themselves and know exactly where to stand in order to annoy the defense. For the first time since the advent of this gaming generation, you will experience a very strong feeling of dealing with intelligent players, not with pads that respond to scripts and react as soon as they have crossed the midline.

Gamers who have already tested and reviewed FIFA 2013 mentionned among the product’s best achievements the dribbling’s flexibility, the calls’ accuracy, the animations’ quality and the good recreation of stadium athmosphere. They also enjoy the 2 on 2 online sessions, where they can compete with players from all over the world. However, it seems that EA Sports still has some work to do in making the interface lighter and the comments section more user friendly.

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