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Best of all Words – the New Kid in the Social Media Block

Another social network has recently emerged on the Internet. The Swedish entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister, famous for having launched its social network, aSmallWorld in 2004, at the same time with  Facebook is now back in the game with Best of all Worlds. Should Mark Zuckerberg worry? Not really as Best of all Worlds does not target the whole world. A figure like 3 million users would be closer to reality when speaking about the final goal of this social platform, which started with 25. 000 carefully chosen pioneers.

Best of all Words

Indeed, this platform is reserved to the elite – top 1% Internet users. Only those who are leaders in their field (bankers, businessmen, communication and media specialists, fashion figures, politicians, etc.) can access the exclusivist network. Although entry is granted upon invitation only, Wachtmeister claims the website is not dedicated solely to the rich, but to people who have a sophisticated taste.

The basic principle on which the site lies refers to the search for events and contacts – important aspects for the social layer Best of all Words is targeting. When members log on the page of a certain city, they will have access to tabs like “people”, “events” or “restaurants”. Another advantage is that they can divide their profiles into various modes (family, work, acquaintances, etc.) and define different levels of confidentiality for each type of connection. This features falls at a good moment, especially with the recent confidentiality policy glitches Facebook encountered.

Will this social platform be a success? Probably. After all, the world we live in is divided into social layers and the elite does not enjoy hanging out in the same place with blue collars and social workers. They enjoy this “secluded nest” idea. Moreover, this brings a more efficient advertising platform for exclusivist brands as they no longer have to dig through hundreds of settings to reach their target.

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