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Best gift ideas for couples

A young couple’s life is full of sweet anniversaries – six months since you’ve first met, three months since you’ve decided to move in together, the one year wedding anniversary. There’s always a reason to celebrate how much you love each other and how happy you are together. But – there’s always a but even in a beautiful love story – there comes a time when you feel you’re running out of ideas and you don’t know what can you buy for your loved one. Here are a few ideas to help you make each anniversary special.

His & Her Coffee Mugs

That’s always a good idea, especially when you’re still new as a couple and you’re building a life together. Coffee mugs are not plain kitchenware, they’re special as they’re an essential part of the mornings you wake up together. On the day of your anniversary wake up early and surprise your significant other with a steaming cup of coffee in a brand new mug. Make sure to find a set with a cute message or better yet, have it personalized with something funny or have your secret pet name for each other printed on them.

Couple Bracelets

A present you simply cannot fail to win your loved one’s heart with. Look for a set of handmade couple bracelets that are increasingly popular these days. Couple bracelets, like the ones from Anca Jewelry store, are elegant and unique, and, most important, they are designed to complement each other. This is a very discreet way of letting everyone know you belong together. You can wear them every day to remind you of your loved one. When you put your bracelet on in the morning it’s like saying I’ll be thinking of you all day! If possible, look for a type of stone that has a special meaning for you as a couple, or at least for your sweetheart. 

Dedicated playlist

Back in the day, people used to make music tapes for each other filled with their partner’s favorite songs. Those days are gone, but there’s no reason to drop what is basically a very sweet idea. It’s quite easy to make a playlist for your loved one and upload it on their phone or the car stereo. You can put on it some tracks of an artist you both like, but you can make one with a group only he likes. To make it very special you can record some jokes or personal thoughts between songs.

Your love in pictures

We have hundreds and thousands of pictures on our electronic devices but most of them get lost when we change phones or run out of memory space and we need to delete some of them. Why not go through all the couple selfies you took since you’ve been together and create a real photo album? The story of you two as a couple in a few dozen pictures, carefully selected to illustrate the most important moments in your life together is a wonderful gift idea. If you can write sweet or witty captions under each of them, your better half will be really impressed.

Personalized T-shirts

Not at all expensive and funny. Think King&Queen or Beauty&TheBeast sort of stuff. If you have favorite cartoon characters, like Shrek and Fiona, or you’re the squirrel in the relationship and he’s the big bear who takes care of you why not find some funny images to print on twin T-shirts. If you’re both Game of Thrones fans, why not put Khal and Khaleesi on those shirts!? You don’t even have to wear them outside, big comfy T-shirts are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning together!

Customized Bedding

A couple anniversary is just for the two of you and you can think of something only you need to know about. How about matching pillowcases with a sweet message printed on them. Messages like: ‘Hello, lovely!, Good morning, gorgeous! or whatever it is that you call each other!  When you’re looking for an anniversary present for your partner, don’t look for something expensive, there will be other occasions and you don’t want to spend a fortune each time. This sort of gift has to be thoughtful. Your gift must say I put a lot of thought into it because I love you!

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