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10 Fun Facts About Watches

These days, watches are not just some time keeping devices, but exquisite jewelries that are meant to complement our style. Most often, when we buy a watch we only consider its outside and not its internal mechanism. We need it to be sophisticated, elegant and smart looking, and we tend to forget about its functional attributes. Brand, popularity and design are the criteria that influence our purchasing decision, not its performances. This is why, I think it was about time we remembered what the main purpose of a watch is and the below 10 fun facts about watches are the perfect way of achieving this.


  1. The sundial was the first device created by men for telling time and this was invented in Ancient Egypt. Surprisingly enough, even though this is a very primitive way of reading the hour, it is very accurate. The time is deciphered by using the shadow that falls on the sundial at different times of the day.
  2. The next notable device was the pocket watch that was used during Tudor times. During the reign of King Henry VIII, timepieces were so large and heavy that people used to wear them around the neck.
  3. The first wrist watch was invented in 1868 by Patek Philippe. The brand is still considered one of the most luxurious and artful watch company in the world. His ‘Platinum Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch’ was sold in May 2008 for the incredible price of 3.1 million dollars.
  4. But the wristwatch wasn’t that popular until the First World War. It was then when men understood the advantage of wearing a watch on their wrist rather than around the neck. This way, soldiers could easily read the hour just by quickly looking at their wrist.
  5. An engineer who worked at NASA- named Dimitroff Petroff- was the one who invented the digital watch.
  6. The first battery operated watch was launched in 1969 and the truth is that quartz movement timepieces are more accurate than mechanical watches.
  7. One of the most fascinating things about a self-winding wristwatch is the movement of the second hand. This sweeps smoothly. It does not make that ticking sound. This is why many watch collectors are so crazy about automatic movement watches and this is also the most obvious difference between an authentic designer watch and a fake. Fake watches will never be able to imitate the smooth movement of the seconds hand.
  8. Stores that sell watches try to influence our subconscious by pre-setting the time at 10:10. When a watch displays this time, the dial looks like a smiley face. This small detail encourages us to buy the watch.
  9. Rolex is a watch that has explored both the deepest point of the ocean and the highest peak of the earth. In 1960, a US Navy submariner submerged at 35,798 feet below sea level carrying a Rolex and in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest while wearing a Rolex. And in both occasions, the watch kept perfect time.
  10. Patek Phillipe has the most expensive watches in the world. One of its models was sold in 2010 for a shocking price of $5.7 million.


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